Life in your shoes (Poem)

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Life in your shoes (Poem)

To be in your shoes,

Revered by many whose presence you grace,

Mentally encrypting your words that soothe,

In eagerness they await your embrace.

To be in your shoes,

Would blow a breath of zest to life,

To be through what you’d been through,

Or to just see you.. is many a quest in life.

Yet to be in your shoes,

People are unaware of the emptiness that resides,

For within the very mould that fits you,

Constaints are placed with whom you can confide.

To be in your shoes,

Forced to hide behind an image created,

Trying to escape from others views,

Left powerless, and growing in self-hatred.

Though in wearing your own shoes,

You may often feel discomfort inside,

Each pair of shoes were designed to fit you,

So wear yours with pride.


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