The Holy war is within. (Poem)

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The Holy war is within. (Poem)

He pondered in his path,

Seeking direction amidst anxiety and despair,

Wondering in the dark,

Blindly searching piety through his fear,

Misguided as a troubled youth,

Amidst a glimpse of what he’d seen,

He’d hide away from the truth

Trying to convince himself of dreams,

An option so appealing,

To be able to leave the past behind,

Run from the conscience reeling,

To just take off his mask and shine..

He believed he had seen the light,

In the wake of the darkened noon,

Could finally see the dreams of night,

When he crossed paths with the Muhajiroon,

They brainwashed him to blind faith,

But for a youth vulnerable and scared,

They came and offered an escape,

It seemed like an answered prayer,

He started to attend talks,

Carried out by speakers in anger,

Readied himself for what was taught,

For he related to being in pain and endangered,

Now as they spoke of Holy War,

He was no longer a stranger,

For though he could not see the cause,

He wanted relief from feeling caged up.

As one thing led to another,

He was seen travelling more astray,

And despite the cries and pleas of his mother,

He believed his apparent brothers in faith,

But what his religion actually preached,

Was so different to what he was being told,

For to submit to Gods will is to seek peace,

And very distant with what he was getting involved,

Embarking on his new found devotions,

He encountered many collisions,

For the same book he was misquoting,

Warned its followers to beware of extremism,

But the media loves the hysteria,

So the voices that represent a minor few,

Scream to rock the fear in us,

And further divert us from truth

So frequent now this common tale,

That it is no longer surprising,

Stories of troubled adolescent males,

That have been led to misguidance,

The messages to convey are in array,

But to just highlight a select few,

Read and learn, refresh your faith,

Discuss with open mindedness your views,

Never forget the core basis,

Of the religion you claim to represent,

Keep aloof from prejudice and racists,

Know that divisions aren’t heaven sent,

Focus on manners and morals,

Treat people as brothers and equals,

Hide the banners, cease the quarrels,

Don’t believe everything people teach you,

Though the worlds state leads to frustration,

In a life easy to become engrossed in sin,

Keep striving towards tolerance and patience,

For the holiest of wars is fought within.


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  1. The_MadPoet says:

    This thing sounds very much like Immortal Technique’s “Dancing With The Devil”!
    Try to rap it under this beat. It works!

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