Regrets (Poem)

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Regrets (Poem)

You started as but a choice,

Which led to an untimely decision,

Lingering in my thoughts a dormant voice,

Spontaneously turned to blinding visions.


For how long will you haunt me? Serve a purpose to taunt me?

I try to justify to my mind, yet you exist for it to ignore me,


If there were things that I broke, then I have the power to fix,

Now the words I once spoke, are weighted on my mind as bricks.


But I will not cave in to your pressure,

If anything, dear regrets, I am thankful,

You taught me lessons that I can now treasure,

You allowed me to explore from a different angle,

What I can do…for you are my unwanted candle.


Experience often serves as the best teacher,

When looking back upon mistakes in hindsight,

Reminding us of our ignorance as creatures,

Letting us look back and fix our eyesight,

And focus our minds right…


From you I learned humility,

Sorrow from the mistakes I made,

Your existence gave me the ability,

To accept that my old approaches needed change.


You reminded me that I am mortal,

You emphasised to me the power of my mind,

You opened up to my future a new portal,

You guilted me into changing my life.


So I may curse your constant cold breath down my neck,

And the parts of my past that forever remind me of your presence,

But as you keep showing me flashbacks of the brick walls, dear regrets,

You unknowingly open the gateway for new thoughts and future lessons.


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  1. Bernard Lovejoy says:

    How do you write such amazing poetry? Huge fan, keep up the good work!

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