Mistrusting or trust missing? (Poem)

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Mistrusting or trust missing? (Poem)

Is it better to miss being trusting,

Or to be mistrusting?

When you give so much, a genuine touch,

And it all amounts to nothing.


Experience makes us close our eyes,

Our hearts can make us close our minds,

And somewhere hidden deep inside the love so blind…

Our pasts and inner feelings lie.

It makes me wonder, sometimes…


Is it the desire to be accepted?

To speak untruth in a pursuit to maybe feel connected?

Girls have told me that few females are really true to themselves,

Not genuine as you, and I feel confused, about these mentioned shells.

And the women say all men are the same,

They play with hearts like it’s a game,

Create mirages, leave them in pain,

Forgive, forget all over again…


For this is the trust of any relationship I speak,

A peer that pretends amongst a friend who’s heart seeps seeming weak,

What is the ulterior motive? Why is the trust misplaced?

What is it amidst emotions that causes a person to lie to anothers face?

For once trust is lost the cost is great,

Is finding people trustworthy worth the wait?


As we take a chance, we gamble faith, and see what course the action takes,

To determine if we can learn from our mistakes…

Continuous mistrusting may constantly cause a hurt to the pride,

Yet to miss being trusting, means something keeps chipping away inside,

So I close my eyes.. in the cold as I stand,

And despite the lies.. I stretch out my hand,

For if it’s to be its destiny, written in Gods plans,

A leap of faith to then see, where I might land.


Now I give you my trust…as I am standing here,

And it will be worth the pain…if you prove sincere.


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