From the eyes of a realist. (Poem)

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From the eyes of a realist. (Poem)

Pessimism, You’ve left me pondering over your negative tone,
Reverberations pounding of a cup always half empty,
From a distance, I observed as your heart moulded into stone,
Wallowing and grieving, counting every misery as plenty.

You tell all around, that no good can be accomplished,
In the abyss of those self-pitiful eyes, there is nothing a soul can do,
Laying in despair at the mere thought of positive conquest,
Yet what you need to realise…is that the underlying issue…is you.

Optimism, you tower over me with a leap in your step,
Often leaving behind my jaw to gawp in admiration,
Yet seeing you as a stranger no more, I fell into the depths of regret,
Witnessing your stubborn pursuit to destructive destinations.

For now, it just struck me how, all those promises you’d heed,
Built up a bitterness lingering from that cup half full,
So many a motivational speech, I don’t know what to believe,
Illusions of diamonds had been created from charcoal.

Realism is my name, and I stand forward to address you both,
For individually, you are both chaotic and damaging,
Yet you can astonish and accomplish, if together on oath,
You learn to live, and live to learn – through the challenges.

Optimism – I command that you give me your energy,
So we are unbounded, uncontained, with limitless hope,
If the situation falls from our hands, then do not lie or pretend to me,
Pessimism – you must then drag us back, within the grips of your rope,

Life can get harmful intensely, the problems we find ourselves facing,
But the power lies in our perceptions and how we think them,
Whether half full or half empty, the glass can shatter at any tribulation,
So let us never undermine whatever it is we’ve been drinking.


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