End of the education era (Blog posts)

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End of the education era (Blog posts)

That was it. The ceremony itself is a formality, but for me it was more about the fact that many of these people it was likely I wouldn’t see again. After the 5th July, dressed in that gown where everyone seemed upbeat and taking pictures on what was a sunny day (a miracle given how the weather had been), it all came to an end. The years of staying up, the free time you found yourself wasting, the philosophising, the procrastinating, the completion of deadlines the night before, and it all comes down to a degree classification on a piece of paper. My grades weren’t the best but what did it matter now? As with everything in life, it must come to an end, and when it reaches its end it often takes its time to sink in that it’s over.

A recap to put it all into perspective, back years when it came down to choosing what path to take. I found myself more interested with philosophising, particularly enjoyed studying psychology and also had a passion to write. When it comes down to many of the big life choices though, I often trust my parents wisdom, experience, judgement and also advice more than my own. I wasn’t doing very well in school and my future prospects weren’t looking great – yet despite them being my weaker subjects, I opted to try and get into pharmacy because of the job security it would have offered me. Many teachers didn’t believe I could do it and who could blame them? If my grades were anything to go by, I didn’t stand a chance. There were the other teachers though, that put a self-belief in me that was invaluable, changing the reverberations that echoed ‘I can’t do this’ to ‘I can give it my all and see what happens’. Fast forward years later, and without it becoming cliche, without dwelling on the cheesiness of how what you never deemed possible becoming a reality, but that was what happened. It’s funny how things work out.

My attitude through the years was ‘we’ll see how it goes’ and ‘each step as it comes’, so when it came, it was the biggest reality check yet. A sense of purposelessness crept in, that what you’ve been putting off for those years slaps you in the face. I was just used to the education chapter, that’s all I’d really gotten to know. It doesn’t help that many of my friends were qualified pharmacists telling me how much they missed the university days, like a working life nostalgia. To be honest though, at most points in my life a sense of nostalgia had crept in to memories of a previous year. It’s not to say that that year was necessarily the best year, each year has its highs and lows and its lows were crippling at the time, but we have a tendency to remember more of the good when we look back on it.

I’m grateful. Assessing it overall, I have great years to look back on. Even though my choice of course wasn’t my first pick, I don’t regret it at all. For one, I did actually find some elements of the course quite interesting and that aside, I met some amazing individuals that I had been very lucky to meet, some who went through remarkable ordeals that change your whole perception of your priorities. Other individuals make you re-evaluate how your stance should be with some people, and in that naivety you learn through your negative experiences as well as the positive. I’m glad I had some principles that stood with me in the midst of the university life, however trivial they may seem to others. On top of that, unlike with other degrees and the increasing competitiveness to secure a job, I luckily also have a years training starting the end of the month, which gives me a nice set up that I might have not otherwise had. Anyway, that’s enough for my first blog post. Onto the next chapter… each step as it comes, I guess?


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