Old with a new name. (Poem)

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Old with a new name. (Poem)

New year, new ways,
New look, new shave,
New book, from a new page,
New clothes, to a new place

New ventures, new mates,
New dentures, new face,
Yet new now, feels the same
New is old, with a new name

Seconds form minutes,
Hours form days,
Days grow to years,
So no seconds to waste.

Mark what is new,
By old habits decayed,
Mark what is new,
By what from the past remains

Whatever the occasion or mark is,
Restrict it not to time or space,
Set and reach reborn targets,
New is nothing, if not change.

God willing, countless blessings to all and your families and positive change and prosperity from this day for many more to come (iA).


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