The forsaken family (Poem)

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The forsaken family (Poem)

Insubstantial my state, in this desolate land,
I come to you, O strangers; my hope at your hands,
Has anybody seen where reside my siblings?
We were of one, now all have gone missing.

Our family was large; our hearts’ were united,
We grew to depart, and so too frictions ignited,
I seek for my brothers, my sisters, my young,
I fear for our futures, and what is to come.

I found myself lost in the midst of the running,
Warned – we had been – of such days that were coming,
Our father advised us to hold on to this rope,
He told us of faith, he told us of hope.

We hid in the darkness of what glowed and what shimmered,
Woe to us! Whats befallen as we slandered and bickered?
Each denies our relation, keeping distant in ferocity,
My brothers, my sisters, how we fell to atrocity!

Now our family is large, yet scattered are plenty,
Our blood so dilute it feels virtually empty,
I ask you dear strangers, if they do pass by your abode,
Please give them this rope… I shall wait on the road.


To all brothers in faith, and equals in humanity.

‘And hold fast, all of you together to the Rope of Allah, and be not divided among yourselves’ (3:103)


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