Nature will never tell (Poem)

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Nature will never tell (Poem)

Deceptive the sun,

that speaks not of winds in its presence

Or when bright blue skies

forecast not rain, to descend from heavens


Clouds of May, may hide their greys

UV rays, may transcend shades

Direct gaze, may scorn and graze

As nights draw, to fall upon days


Trees grow, until they’re chopped

Breathe although, they lay to rot

Grieve slowly, in unhindered spots

Yet in all their hurt… they still speak not.


Animals converse among themselves,

In beautiful dialects succinct,

By the diversity in which they dwell,

Not a whisper, until extinct.


Nature holds secrets firmly encrusted,

Humans’ torture is to no avail,

For they know the species not to be trusted,

To deaf ears, nature never tells.


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  1. zephyros says:

    ‘Nature is wont to hide itself.’ – Heraclitus

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