Preyer (Poem)

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Preyer (Poem)

First time in decades, they rose to their feet,

Realising where their hope lay, conceding defeat,

A great feat, how successive pitfalls had led to this moment,

Now no more doors to open, the light inside had shown them,

Standing in front of their Lord, while time had been so generous,

Submitting to His splendour, their sinning limbs surrendered,

Rehearsed the actions before, but as routine robotic mechanisms,

Yet this time they were more than willing, after all they had ’til now envisioned,

Motion by motion – in tranquillity and concentration,

Unveiled the true reality, drawing forth curtains to salvation,

Gravity dragged them down to their realest devotion,

Pulling down the tears with them, in simultaneous motion,

For they had prayed before, but never truly been in prayer,

An etched physical presence, beyond which they were never there,

Now their sins in front of them, as their limbs succumbed to them,

And in those moments… all that seemed real before had run from them,

Label them delusioned; overpowered they were in hope and fright,

That momentary seclusion, lasted them beyond the stars that night,

Five times a day from then, the same again, spent solely seeking the Divine,

To take away the shame from them, and pains of men, in multitudes combined,

Funny how an experience, can open you up and change your life,

Funny how true guidance, can teach us the truths of wrong from right,

I write in the hope… one day such reality can be labelled mine,

An erroneous figure, that preys upon the risks of a generous time.



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