Practice what you preach (Poem)

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Practice what you preach (Poem)

It seems for many of us

we are enslaved to engaging in debates

reflecting on our helpless case

as we negate and abrogate.


Though most the time its hard to say

whose are who’s views, glued to news frames

that are framed around tricks, and fabricate

to induce manic, and panicked states


Yet rather than admit to our mistakes

that some sketches need be erased

its almost like an e-race, to say

who had scored most points that day.


When people talk of praise and faith,

of prophets and their Godly ways,

they talk of hope and speak of change,

yet few wish good and walk their ways…


Instead of peace and friendly gaze

they preach crusades and fan the flames

each take their turns on the center stage

enraging through their hyper states…

Terrorism has no religion2











As some may tease to soothe their plagues

or brand yours as a foolish faith

and others might mock, and jeer and rave

unlike the rocks, that steer the waves


As were the cavemen of older days

few are Abel to restrain the Cain.

weak emotions generate degenerates

allowing anger to invade our space.


Being a push over is not the same

as learning when to pull away

for we first drive slow with learner plates

if guided not, we’re led astray


Forks in the roads can make some wait

as some may risk a change in fate

and even if they don’t change things

Its hard to escape those worth emulating


Patience and goodness are activists

more so than acts of fits by anarchists

our values are the trophies, we hand our kids

so take care in how you handle it.


Steady is the journey, over the bridge

as we all cross paths, with ways to give

so as you like to live, let others live

until only the pure filter through the sieve.


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