It's nothing personal…(Poem)

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It's nothing personal…(Poem)

It’s nothing personal…


Yet my world made me nonplussed

where more was becoming less

constructs over a core emptiness

mirages coating our not being fussed


When it became more about being in the know

less about knowing actual beings

actors in this virtual show

creating a mass acceptance of seeming


Though maybe we never held a conversation

or lost touches we never care to regain

it all added to the cumulative conformation

confirming cons formed in unrecognisable names


It took some time out of line to accept it

facing lines on separation with online

for long times I too lapse into this madness

fascinating(,) the late fashion of times


Fixating to strangers, updating a status

or behind screens seething; plagued and vexacious

transformed and amazed us, this fix to clicks world’s so spacious!

but larger circle creations only equated to absences more vacant


its nothing personal


Complaining about ennui,

or from where the envy came

neither as friend nor enemy,

wanting to remain as just names


So lets not cheapen ourselves to stats

to likes, to elephant in the room acquaintance

to the ignominy of an anomaly

to test followings with patience


Ah! before you request, I accept

that my feelings are of the biggest hypocrites

sink to lift, in and out of drifts

Nostalgia to detachment at a fingers click


It’s nothing personal, we just became irrelevant

so please forgive me if, and for what, I’ve wronged

upon hibernation, native hypes grew evident

we all just seek for places to belong.





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