An honourable surrender (Poem)

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An honourable surrender (Poem)

Attack is the best form of defence,

as we are but hordes in a warzone

so no use sitting on the fence

in this dog eat dog world


Robbers can steal your humanity

Murderers may kill your soul

Liars can lie in the way of the truths

Loan sharks may never leave you alone


So you react, piercing others with spears

Blood spilling from your cannons

and you strike them with fear

taking lives by the dagger


But I’ll be damned if to tell you

to raise your swords… not a chance!

Rather lower your words

but keep your armour on guard


Get off the horse off arrogance

Fire away the arrow of blame

Take off the helmet of your ego

with coolness, ease off the flames


We can risk it all for a moment

if we dare to put down our shields

waver our white flags like showmen

and see who else yields.



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