Self check (Poem)

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Self check (Poem)

They warned of the dangers of a self-check,
To realise how I may dispense hate
Or how my labelling of others
Can irritate their stay

As I cash in the cheque of self,
Signed by the soul I tried to bargain with,
Playback my Dictaphone of record sales,
I can hear my own heart hardening

Between the noise of secularity,
The noise of religion,
The noises distorting clarity,
Of new ages and isms,

Somewhere amidst the decibels,
Among the frequencies that hurt,
Ranges of self-proclaimed intellectuals,
On pedestals of ego, so cursed

The wavelengths of fear that desecrate,
Burning earlobes of the selves that hate,
Sticking to our ways, self-adhesive,
At what price do we sell our freedom?

Seeking E’s for the self,
Everywhere is selfies,
Seeking ease for the self,
Everywhere they sell fees

Self-indulgent, self-involved,
Problem self on a selfish road,
Self-absorbed as though self-absolved,
Self-delusion as though problem solved.

Self-conscious about selfish nonsense,
Never self-satisfied but self-defeating,
Self focused, wearing self as a slogan,
Self-searching for a self with meaning

Self-obsessed with self-esteem,
Self-destruct in the hunt for wealth,
No winners in a selfish team,
Save myself, from my self.


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