A treadmill called life (Poem)

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A treadmill called life (Poem)

They asked you why
You’d run for hours on the treadmill
You said you still dread falling dead still
And so you run to escape the fear

They said ‘You can’t run from your corpse’
But you told them “At least I can run from my thoughts”
As every day the race to escape
From your own skin would resonate

They enquired whether you were running to chase dreams
Yet you knew that it was more to flee from reality
Let off steam hoping to let in self-esteem
Sprinting to leave behind your insanities

They questioned what level of incline you set
You told them, often its whatever your heart inclined to
But the higher levels would often lead to regret
Setting up for a fall, far steeper

They wonder whether you’re all there,
Moving… but never moving, from your place,
Like a surreal hamster on a wheel,
Tiring yourself out while going nowhere

They tell you that your best years have passed
Now things are never quite run of the mill
Taunted with expressions of being over the hill
Sometimes you just want to run off the mill

For hours on the treadmill you race against yourself
Competing with the you from yesterday
Trying to do laps over your shadow
Trying not to relapse over your shadow

You cannot run from your guilt,
Your insecurities, your regrets,
Forever jogging your memories,
In a marathon to drive out enmity

Let the endorphins flee from your paralysis,
You are a hero with your persistence,
Battle through cramps with bandages
None can argue to your resistance

If it is that you may never outrun your demons,
So never run out of hope to fly then!
The race against the odds is even
When you keep on running, my friend.


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