As we chose to be (Poem)

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As we chose to be (Poem)

Is it all a dream?
From foetal beans to rhythmically beating beings..
Bewildering beams…eyes made bespoke for our seeing..

Of us.…
are fools, who beat up and look down,
frown, begrudge, berate, belittle, besiege..
holding to beef.
Of beady eyed stares
their beaks in your business
residing beside you,
sinking their teeth beneath your
engagements…then betray their betrothed
beyond reason. Beer in hand feasting,
bearded beasts; Beef-eating …

Yet betterment is more befitting
in those of us carrying beacons of hope
to turn a new leaf. Some turn to belief
holding beads… for prayer,
Others turn to teach,
their beads, woven in humanities hair,
begonia amidst the drought,
Like diamonds on behalf of their rocky counterpart,
A beleaguered species
Begetting memory to the forgetting.

Belying are our differences,
among us are bees, excreting sweetness at what befalls,
among us are beets, vegetables that do nothing at all
Between them are many, forever feeling below par
Yet we are, as we are…
beholden, fallen behind with debts
Try to beguile at the mighty behest of our benevolent benefactor..
beseech.. and when bestowed, behave like has-beens

Befriend new beginnings before becoming bereft
Bemoan benign states until bewailing bereavement

Yet we.
Are as we have chosen.
To be.Be


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