Eid Shaheed (Poem)

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Eid Shaheed (Poem)

The city burns,

By Hearts Frozen,

Ice is metamorphosing to ISIS

The Lysis of Children,

When living becomes lifeless

Forever opened eyelids

Bodies lay to rot in chilled cots

Relatives waiting for something from Chilcot.

We will not

Settle for anything less than the truth,

A bitter drug to swallow, but fill our pillbox,

No more waiting until tomorrows.


Tell us why the term oil

Triggered turmoil in Iraq

But We want more than reports,

more than remorse,

more than another ignored corpse

or weak justification for war

Stop hiding behind the Bush, we are sick of this Tone

Parents of the missing, feeling sick hearing the ringtone,

Blare from an explosion, irritantly ringing tinnitus,

They tried to paint this as a win for us,

All Hail the great democracy! A mockery of a million marching

No avail to the policy, Tales of the fabricators.

Setting a precedent over a decade later,

Over two million words,

Not one of which can resurrect the fates of,

The forgotten and damned,
The victims of a once treasured land

Now bones buried in sands

A life becomes another stat to the world,

Like the same way we count in minutes or seconds.

Losing one loved one getting ready to count the second.

So tell us about these mass weapons,


The ones that were never found?

No longer able to account, so who’s accountable?

Problem insurmountable as hospitals cant house them all,

Buildings reduced to ashes, loved ones searching amidst the trouble,

Finding body parts in rubble, as most of the world lives in its bubble


Family no longer able to be identified,

For a people that are broken with no means to be rectified,

Terrified…In a mall, knowing that the ignorant were to kill the innocent,

A phonecall to say I’ll be back soon…

No escape route, just a crowd in a black gloom,

empty shouts in a vacuum

To shrouds in a packed room,


As we watch on helplessly, choking on the uselessness of our votes,

For those that wore the clothes of helpers, but held the knife to our throats,

The pleas are meaningless, the meanings are less than pleasing…

In the land of nightmares the living forget what a dream is,

For those that soured life. Scoured and surged,

For every culprit that has reaked such terror on earth,

For your stealth ideology, may you forever be cursed,

And one civilian will always be over a million of you in worth,

Scum of the earth,

For when you blew yourself up, you rendered to dirt,

As they ascended to the angels, and you descended to worse,

God willing they will be free with nothing to atone for,

May the parents souls find peace,

All loved ones of the deceased,


But why…. But why……But why?

Are poems of bloodshed and bombs evermore relevant?

Does every worthless word to the soul feel like a speech impediment?

Are Brothers pleading.. don’t cry sis, yet in another orphan crisis?

Are Mothers mourning.. for the mornings that will no longer be?

Are Boys forced to become men quickly, as though natures rules don’t apply,

Questioning their agony trying to derive reasons from the sky

For what reasons you’d decide? To be the demon in the night?

In the areas where survival alone provides a meaning to life?

They were just shopping for Eid clothes, at the end of a holy month,

How wholly unholy their murder, what a cowardice bunch


The only martyrs are the civilians that died by your hands,

The only soldiers are the grieving families on our lands,

And still the count rises on this soil, since the war wages on,

And still Corrupt politicians on this soil, they collect war wages from,

And I may forever be a foreigner in both lands I stand upon

But I won’t hesitate to commemorate our song.


Eid Shaheed


Inna lillahi wa inna illayhi Raji’oon. Al-fatiha to the martyrs, the lives lost in Iraq from acts of terror a few nights before Eid, and the ones that continue to be lost to this day. And though this poem is about Iraq, it applies to every such act of terror where innocent lives are lost.







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