Back online (Blog Post)

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Back online (Blog Post)

It’s been a while since I wrote on this space. I impulsively decided to register a new domain and play about with the website, like some niggling unsettling subconscious until it was done. We’ll just pretend I’ve been really busy living an enriched and productive life to notice, rather than address that it was never really missed (I see you, dreaded ‘monthly view count’, laughing at me) and people that were embarrassed for me were probably relieved to have thought I outgrew this phase of writing, or poetry videos, or whatever other malarkey.

I don’t know whether it’s been due to making the excuse of being too busy (easy cop out), or trying to maintain some sort of professional image that it cannot coexist with, the dreaded “please share and temporarily validate me” that kills all social media… but in any case, I’d stopped putting in effort in writing for a long while. Okay, so maybe I do know a variety of excuses, but let’s just call it ‘soul-searching’ and say I am on a path to ‘finding myself’, because that flows easier off the tongue and is strangely more socially acceptable.

Hence, the re-birth. It seems a good idea to me now (though so did my old website before it fizzled out). And if there is one thing that can prompt someone to put more effort in, it is knowing that you are paying towards it and trying to justify it to yourself (Shut up, gym membership. You don’t count.) If nothing else, the attempt I made as a logo doesn’t look like a 6 year old did it. Let’s at least agree on early teens.

2017. New Year, new me.
*roars of laughter*

*edit: for roars of laughter to be present, an audience would have to be there. Aforementioned audience doesn’t involve just me pressing refresh.




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  1. I love this, cuz, and am so excited to see more of your work! A profound insight into the many obstacles of “likes” and “stats” and “shares” that so often poison the flow of creative work. Keep it up my man!

  2. An Admirer says:

    I missed you 🙁

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