One of the most epic things ever (Blog Post)

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One of the most epic things ever (Blog Post)

For those that know me, it is no secret I have some, perhaps irrational fears (such as driving on the motorway. Or bees/wasps.) Yet some are a fair bit more understandable. Drowning (I don’t really know how to swim) and falling from great heights, for instance, are relatively common ones. Yet the curiosity overwhelmed me for one activity in particular – skydiving – and it has been on my bucket list for a long time.

I could detail the very public fact that I was, in short, bricking it (Even moreso when reading and signing pages of disclaimers knowing that I hadn’t told family I was going to do it), and go on for ages about how there is an imminent fear of death and how I wasn’t ready to die, but that wasn’t the purpose of posting this. Neither is it a review of skydiving or skydiving in Dubai (although I definitely recommend), or some empty motivational jargon about following your dreams. Well, not quite anyway. And, time will tell, but I would put it among there in the ‘life-changing’ section – which isn’t bad for something where the actual activity itself lasts less than ten minutes.

What skydiving did, at least while its still fresh in the mind, is change the perspective of doing the things I am petrified of, and how some of my routine fears shouldn’t be so debilitating. It reminded me that I had a bucket list that the routine of working life makes us brush under the carpet. And it was less so about those seven odd minutes falling from the plane. It was more that it took days of dread and no backing from it, and it was more that you knew that you would more likely regret not doing it then doing it. It was more about the reality that you trusted a stranger with your life to jump off a plane with, and more that you realised that it took years and the right group of people in order to do that.


I’ll most likely not skydive again. *Insert hero music* But, hopefully, I will approach the things in my life that I am scared of (damn you, motorway), and I will try and make better use of my time. I mean, if nothing else, it did give me something to write about. Well, that and procrastination from work I should be doing.

And I know skydiving may not be a big deal for many out there, but it was for me – more so because of the epiphany it brought about a bucket list that I want to fill (preferably with things to do, not a bit of sweat and loads of tears). Ideas will be most welcomed here!

I tried to attach a cheesy video but luckily for you WordPress killed that joy. I have attached some photos (yes that is a fluorescent yellow top that should be criminal to wear)IMG_9389.JPG..Until I cringe and delete them.


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