Shedding the pounds (Blog Post)

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Shedding the pounds (Blog Post)

Our mind does some fascinating things. And often very strange ones (well, I’m speaking for myself here in the hope there’s some consensus). The way I rationalise many things to myself is by a general law of averages. Aka, if I am on holiday and had two great meals, but one was a rip-off, and the other was very good value, I try to seek comfort in that, when you average them out, it doesn’t work out so bad.

So gyms love people like me. And you should too, if you’re a regular gym goer, because gyms primarily function because of us. See people like me, wont cancel our membership (and only once did I freeze my membership) as crazy as it sounds, when I don’t go. Because…somehow my mind has told me, that it works by some sort of average. So when I do consistently start going, then it will all balance out. Crazy? Maybe it is just my mind then.

So in any case, alongside running the family business, I take part in some short courses with the university. Two of those have been finance, and one in management. As I am currently doing one now, I thought ‘Hey! Here’s a great idea. Rather than do my work and understand the material I should be doing, I am going to merge ideas from previous courses. Yes it will be a complete waste of time. But its all for the very worthy cause of procrastination.’ And so, data being the wonderful thing it is, I decided to get some, and make useless use from it.

So all I did was, calculated the total cost to date that this £13.99/month gym membership has accrued. I also totalled up the number of minutes I spent in the gym since that date. Note that even this, is in a way, a way my mind tries to make me feel better – this is time spent in the gym….not time working out. The actual figure will probably drastically change the results here.

Total pounds to date: £406.72
Total minutes at gym: 4246
Average cost in pounds per month: £12.71
Average number of minutes per month: 133

There are many ways to interpret this. But depending on how long is spent in the gym, that’s around 1 or 2 sessions a month really. So this £13.99 a month works out at between £7 a gym session. And lets be real….of that time we can safely say that there’s a good chunk that doesn’t involve any exercise.

I suppose its a motivator of sorts, and a method those like me should try. By my own stupid laws, I’ve a long way to go to make this worth it. And to be honest, I just really wanted to e-hear some e-groans in that, most of this time and effort for which this blog post was created was to drop an awful, awful pun…*drumroll*

Guess I’m losing the wrong type of pound!

I’m sorry.

**Please note, if you do not know me in real life, I am the person in the picture with those muscles..
If you do know me, please play along at least.


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  1. Hedi says:

    Good point mate! It makes you wonder how much our gym memberships are costs those of us that don’t stick it out!

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