The Autobiography of Malcolm X (Recommended Reads)

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The Autobiography of Malcolm X (Recommended Reads)

The Autobiography of Malcolm XThe Autobiography of Malcolm X by Malcolm X

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I don’t think an autobiography, or for that matter most books concerning iconic historical figures, are on the same level as this. It is definitely among those that should fit in a collection entitled ‘Books that changed my life’ or ‘Essential reading.’

While questions can always be asked, and have been asked, about the author, the narrative, the context, the character of the man in question, and at times how much of it is true, there is something that resonates higher about the story of Malcolm X. It is no less than the embodiment of a relentless journey towards self-realisation, truth and justice in a complex world of struggle, injustice and racism, and the thought processes that guide it.

This review wouldn’t be able to do the book or the man any justice. I read it upon being told how it is a must-read, knowing little about the man and why many considered him such an iconic figure. After reading it, the most effective way to conclude is not to review or critique it, but to simply pass on the same message – read it.

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