The Pearl (Recommended Reads)

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The Pearl (Recommended Reads)

recommended reads, book review of John Steinbeck 'The Pearl'

The PearlRecommended Reads: The Pearl by John Steinbeck

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

John Steinbeck is perhaps most remembered for ‘Of Mice and Men’. Although I cannot remember much from a literary perspective of that book from English in school – the story itself still remains a prominent memory. I revisited him as an author several years later with this short story. It may be that writing stories with noteworthy plots is a Steinbeck signature.

The Pearl would not take much time to read, yet its lessons are vivid. It tells its tale through a trail of destruction, of greed, of jealousy. It details the ironic misfortune that follows Kino and his wife who come across a valuable pearl after being unable to pay their sons medical bills. The emotional journey of the plot and characters is both vivid and memorable. A presence of thought provocation and depth is contained despite the low number of pages.

We often overvalue things we wish to attain until we realise they are not worthy of the regard we held them in. There are life lessons that can be derived from this. Finding fortune can often cause more misfortune than remedy. It can change you, or it can change those you thought you knew. The subject, at its core, is an important one.

It suffices to say – there are pearls of wisdom in this piece.

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