The Unclassed (Recommended Reads) Book Review

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The Unclassed (Recommended Reads) Book Review

The UnclassedRecommended Reads: The Unclassed by George Gissing 
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Book Review  
I stumbled upon this book almost by chance. Every now and again I browse the Kindle store for classic fiction. I hadn’t heard of it before and found it through browsing. Yet I am glad I did.

It starts off with an unusual atmosphere in a classroom, revealed to be a casualty.
After the teacher starts interrogating students for answers, a young girl by the name of Ida Starr announces
I did it, Miss Rutherford. I have killed Harriet. I, and nobody else.”

Usually stories take a while to capture the reader. However, from the first few pages I wanted to know what had happened. As a literary piece, the writing is not my preferred style. The central story and the way it developed kept me reading.

After a few chapters, I wondered how I would come to finish the book. I have a terrible habit of leaving books unfinished after making considerable progress. Yet it was not long before I ended up reading away in all my spare time. The story itself, had a few key characters and their transition to adult life. The detailing of the characters, their lives and upbringings and their chemistry was greatly structured. It contained various themes such as purity, malice, love, death, religion and friendship. It is an original story and one I personally enjoyed.

Each character is memorable in their own right, with their own difficulties and peculiar situations. The story itself is not difficult to follow, and makes for a good leisurely read. This is the first time I have come across George Gissing, and this book certainly left a curiosity to see his other works.

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