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The tragedy of our state of humanity (Blog post)

I like to start, as I do with any piece by Gods grace, to apologise in advance for any ignorance in my narratives, as they are opinions based on observations. Another tragic event takes place, prompting similar reactions from around the country. Similar frustrations and shifts of attitudes, in what seems an all-too-familiar and vicious…
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Health: One of our greatest and most overlooked blessings (Blog post)

To set the scene and cut a long story short, I did something stupid and had to go for an X-ray thinking something was broken. The purpose of writing this isn’t to highlight the stupidity of my actions or to reflect on how ridiculous it sounds trying to explain them to healthcare staff (though such…
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Trigger words and our illogical reasoning (Blog posts)

We all have a tendency to develop associated feelings with inanimate things and living beings based on our experiences related to them. From topics as simple as a particular foodstuff of which a bad experience can put you off for life, to our thoughts and feelings with regards to people, religions, nations and pretty much…
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End of the education era (Blog posts)

That was it. The ceremony itself is a formality, but for me it was more about the fact that many of these people it was likely I wouldn’t see again. After the 5th July, dressed in that gown where everyone seemed upbeat and taking pictures on what was a sunny day (a miracle given how…
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