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This poem is all I have (Poem)

Right now… This poem… Is all I have. Times forgotten connections burned blinding evidence nothing learned. So right now… This poem… Is all I have. Tears of hysteria washed off reason fingers are flames and tempers; forests. Tensions mounting amounting to nothing. Frustrations bubbling foaming within. With little comfort… This poem… Is all I have.…
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As I wonder (Poem)

I wonder of the breath that preceded the yawn, I wonder of the calm that followed the storm, I wonder of the death before being born, and wonder of the night that fell before the dawn I wonder how what shall come has already been done, I wonder of the ‘be’ that was made to…
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When senses regained (Poem)

Vice – coveter of lenses. Our pre-tense Overlay with pretences We pretended… Preoccupied As then recommended.   Now we look on post sense of tension we mention, post-interventions and we post the question… how else it could have ended.   Epidemic of fever, caught diseases no caution and heedless, yet talk of treatments how frequently, we…
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What could otherwise be (Poem)

Now monuments, once moments of euphoric majesty, Momentum gained, and we lost much in its speed, Prosperity of progenies, and potential prodigies, Whisked away, from fruitful forests to tumbleweeds.   I have written of regrets and how they mustn’t erode us, Yet my pen testifies to a hypocrite’s mind – plagued. I’d throw the ring…
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My-oh-genic (Poem)

Once solitude in this treasure chest Yet from all directions now – scathed and torn Be it sleeve or breast, for you to rest.. I contest, where best you are worn. Is it in the fields of ethnicity and predecessors? Or do the lands of your birth hold the throne? Volcanic eruptions burn victim and…
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A Longing for B(e)longing (Poem)

Another late night, I find myself staring at a blank page again, Document on a screen, no more reaching for the pad and pen, Things changed from being real… to the illusion of it, From the things that I could feel… to being secluded from it, I need to rid of these compulsions, the feeling…
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You are so much more (Poem)

You are so much more… than figures on a payslip than the manifestation of hatred or musings of a stereotypical racist   You are so much more… than the player of cards than her gamble with hearts than his ride down the park   You are so much more… than a position or job title…
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Preyer (Poem)

First time in decades, they rose to their feet, Realising where their hope lay, conceding defeat, A great feat, how successive pitfalls had led to this moment, Now no more doors to open, the light inside had shown them, Standing in front of their Lord, while time had been so generous, Submitting to His splendour,…
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Nature will never tell (Poem)

Deceptive the sun, that speaks not of winds in its presence Or when bright blue skies forecast not rain, to descend from heavens   Clouds of May, may hide their greys UV rays, may transcend shades Direct gaze, may scorn and graze As nights draw, to fall upon days   Trees grow, until they’re chopped…
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All and nothing (Poem)

Possibilities beyond quantification, In a paradox of paralysing limitations, Beneath endless skies and horizons, We are but specs among specs.   Yet we are planets amidst planets, Solar systems within our anatomy, Lustful appetites left us famished, Vivid dreamers in a phantom sleep.   How bittersweet this reality, Teaches love and taunts with anguish, Where…
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