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Mistrusting or trust missing? (Poem)

Is it better to miss being trusting, Or to be mistrusting? When you give so much, a genuine touch, And it all amounts to nothing.   Experience makes us close our eyes, Our hearts can make us close our minds, And somewhere hidden deep inside the love so blind… Our pasts and inner feelings lie.…
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Accountable. (Poem)

From sins of the limbs, to sins of the skin, The outwardly sins and the sins kept within, The sins of the peasant to the sins of the kings, Against creatures of land, sea or of wings,   The evils of tongue, the vices of sight, Of peoples aged young, to the elderly plight, No…
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Regrets (Poem)

You started as but a choice, Which led to an untimely decision, Lingering in my thoughts a dormant voice, Spontaneously turned to blinding visions.   For how long will you haunt me? Serve a purpose to taunt me? I try to justify to my mind, yet you exist for it to ignore me, Surely… If…
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Silence speaks (Poem)

Silence serves a greater wisdom, Than idle talk or vacant expression, And we could avoid these collisions, If we walk, and take a lesson,   The losses from our silence, Are easier to recompense, Than what crosses the line with, Words that were never meant,   So often we might speak without thought, Speech lacking…
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The Holy war is within. (Poem)

He pondered in his path, Seeking direction amidst anxiety and despair, Wondering in the dark, Blindly searching piety through his fear, Misguided as a troubled youth, Amidst a glimpse of what he’d seen, He’d hide away from the truth Trying to convince himself of dreams, An option so appealing, To be able to leave the…
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Hourglass (Poem)

If you knew you had 24 hours left, before it was your time to go Final moments to address, time previously unkept – Then how would you let it show?   24 hours left to reflect on regrets, or bask in the ambience of achievements, Departure of an existence transient in meaning, the final farewells…
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Life in your shoes (Poem)

To be in your shoes, Revered by many whose presence you grace, Mentally encrypting your words that soothe, In eagerness they await your embrace. To be in your shoes, Would blow a breath of zest to life, To be through what you’d been through, Or to just see you.. is many a quest in life.…
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A brother to me (Poem)

NB: This poem has no reference to my biological brother, couldn’t be further from it but in reference to the ones that are friends or peers that claim friendship to be ‘like a brotherhood’. If you claim to be my brother, then be like a brother to me, For artificial blood serves me no benefits,…
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In a sheltered cocoon (Poem)

The fields of crimson roses, professing praise to their creator, Monumental buildings stood proud, for the history they’d been through, The statues grins and poses, amongst the gentle breeze of nature, Yet a profound sound, emerged from a broken cocoon. Oh caterpillar, why do you hold tight to your shell, In the midst of these…
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