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Gambler (Spoken Word Video)

A short spoken word piece using gambling as an extended metaphor of life with the risks we take and our accountability for our shortcomings.

They said 'You only live once' (Poem)

They said ‘you only live once’, I never stopped to think twice, Caged in bars of confusion, Rolled coins and flipped dice, Never cared to live right, Now my deeds cast before me, Surrounded by futility, What were held as past glories? Embarrassing unpublished pieces, Read aloud from my story, Lessons from the lessor of…
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Accountable. (Poem)

From sins of the limbs, to sins of the skin, The outwardly sins and the sins kept within, The sins of the peasant to the sins of the kings, Against creatures of land, sea or of wings,   The evils of tongue, the vices of sight, Of peoples aged young, to the elderly plight, No…
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