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Keep on Running (Spoken word video)

Sooo one of the stupider things I did was delete my Facebook. Well, all in all I don’t regret it – but it was generating more traffic to my blog and youtube channel than any of my other means. I’m not a fan of self-promo but hey ho. I wrote a poem earlier this year…
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He seeks refuge (Short Story)

He held a nationality to once be proud of, yet now he had to cower from neighbours that turned to strangers. He didn’t know, if he could bare to bear witness to another bullet that ransacked shacks of the guiltless. To feel a blunt knife poke at his heart like the sharp one that took…
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Belief (Poem)

With our impulses pulsating, Holding the pulse of Satans hand with an arm on the harmonica of an angels harmony, in the harms and virtues we see and do not see in us, both the lowest of the low and highest of the high. Breathing heavily, like thieves of jeopardy flicked on and off between…
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Deceptive yesterdays (Poem)

If you run.. only to keep looking over your shoulder you’re more likely to trip. Our present footing is so interloped with our past steps that we forget where we are standing. Though todays realities contain what were only the hopes of yesterdays. It seems the pain injects in ways rapidly into veins of a…
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Long Shot (Short poem)

Oft I’ve shot myself in the foot Gunpowder residue; burning ingratitude Now this single leg that’s bullet-free is favoured more than were both two.      

Crystals from the skies (Poem)

Sheet of crystals, together harmonious, Hallucinations long lost and thought missing, As we grew, it too had grown from us, Miracle of the youth’s yearning, and wishing. Remarkable the nature of the snow, Not quite water, yet neither ice, And like the spectrums of the rainbows, Perfection is measured, in every type. We think of…
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Cultivated from seeds. (Poem)

Memories of games played in sands, Joyful liberation of youth defined, Cupping scoops within each hand, Grains flow briskly with time. Potential speaks of a life to come, Possibilities of untrodden paths yet to be, Future currencies evolve from the young, Their eyes encapsulate greater periphery. Dreams illuminated from lit faces, Blown candles carry wishful…
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Health: One of our greatest and most overlooked blessings (Blog post)

To set the scene and cut a long story short, I did something stupid and had to go for an X-ray thinking something was broken. The purpose of writing this isn’t to highlight the stupidity of my actions or to reflect on how ridiculous it sounds trying to explain them to healthcare staff (though such…
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