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Between the rivers of blood (Spoken Word Video)

Spoken word piece regarding some of the problems Iraq faced before, during and as a result of the war in Iraq.

Reality Check (Spoken Word Video)

Very Short Piece – the parable of being pawns in a chessboard.

Eid Shaheed (Poem)

The city burns, By Hearts Frozen, Ice is metamorphosing to ISIS The Lysis of Children, When living becomes lifeless Forever opened eyelids Bodies lay to rot in chilled cots Relatives waiting for something from Chilcot. We will not Settle for anything less than the truth, A bitter drug to swallow, but fill our pillbox, No more…
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____ is getting ready for school in the morning. It is as any other ordinary day, he’s battling against the clock and his mother stressing as he is running late. His breakfast is waiting for him downstairs. His mother shouts to him to come down, he yells back he can’t find his socks. She goes…
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An honourable surrender (Poem)

Attack is the best form of defence, as we are but hordes in a warzone so no use sitting on the fence in this dog eat dog world   Robbers can steal your humanity Murderers may kill your soul Liars can lie in the way of the truths Loan sharks may never leave you alone…
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Practice what you preach (Poem)

It seems for many of us we are enslaved to engaging in debates reflecting on our helpless case as we negate and abrogate.   Though most the time its hard to say whose are who’s views, glued to news frames that are framed around tricks, and fabricate to induce manic, and panicked states   Yet rather…
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In a sheltered cocoon (Poem)

The fields of crimson roses, professing praise to their creator, Monumental buildings stood proud, for the history they’d been through, The statues grins and poses, amongst the gentle breeze of nature, Yet a profound sound, emerged from a broken cocoon. Oh caterpillar, why do you hold tight to your shell, In the midst of these…
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