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Plasticine and paint (Short Story)

There was something about playing with plasticine as a child. Taking off their suffocating containers to set free shapes of wonder. Experimenting with its tastelessness as a curious child. Smelling its uninspired scent from the fragrance of blandness. Yet in it are possibilities, straight from the pack are different colours and sizes and powers to…
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Crystals from the skies (Poem)

Sheet of crystals, together harmonious, Hallucinations long lost and thought missing, As we grew, it too had grown from us, Miracle of the youth’s yearning, and wishing. Remarkable the nature of the snow, Not quite water, yet neither ice, And like the spectrums of the rainbows, Perfection is measured, in every type. We think of…
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Cultivated from seeds. (Poem)

Memories of games played in sands, Joyful liberation of youth defined, Cupping scoops within each hand, Grains flow briskly with time. Potential speaks of a life to come, Possibilities of untrodden paths yet to be, Future currencies evolve from the young, Their eyes encapsulate greater periphery. Dreams illuminated from lit faces, Blown candles carry wishful…
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V.ictory O.f a W.idow (Poem)

She lay there, trapped in a whirlwind of vacant reasoning, Left perplexed questioning her destiny, as she is curled up into a sleeping ring, Now are the days… that she truly misses being understood, Once a husband stood over the Mrs, the care she was under was good Now she’s back to being Miss-understood, and…
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