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Inside the coffee cup (Short Stories)

Cold. The fresh liquid sheet had formed tan-coloured flakes. The half-filled mocha had barely been sipped since it was ordered an hour ago. Evidently, something was playing up on the young gentleman’s mind. ‘Is everything okay sir?’ The waitress politely asked with a warm smile, looking into his solemn eyes. Temporarily, he was brought back…
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Burning out (Poem)

Fangs of addiction marked by pangs and affliction When reality seems so strange, it draws fans towards fiction An exaggerated diction, can only pay so much homage to being honest, of heartaches… in the knowledge of what could’ve been accomplished   This soul knows too well, where it could be by now Its holes had…
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Justice foretold (Poem)

Intangible cords and chains, decapitating the intellect, Incorporating corpses to brains; a fascinating intercept, How a tool so powerful, can be rendered as senseless, Leaving us as devoured fools, to our offenders – defenceless Shackles on the mind, systems that aim to paralyse, Tackling our designs, false admissions televised, Enticing to deceive, placed limitations on…
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