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recommended reads, book review of John Steinbeck 'The Pearl'

The Pearl (Recommended Reads)

Recommended Reads: The Pearl by John Steinbeck My rating: 4 of 5 stars John Steinbeck is perhaps most remembered for ‘Of Mice and Men’. Although I cannot remember much from a literary perspective of that book from English in school – the story itself still remains a prominent memory. I revisited him as an author…
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Reality Check (Spoken Word Video)

Very Short Piece – the parable of being pawns in a chessboard.

Addict (Short Story)

You walked to this vicinity in hopelessness. At one of your trajectory lows, substantial woes were colonising your cognition. You had felt defeated, and that every resort you had been to – the doctors, the physicians, the superstitious, the hypnotists, the counsellors – it just wasn’t working out. Guilt was the leech of your virtue,…
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Nature will never tell (Poem)

Deceptive the sun, that speaks not of winds in its presence Or when bright blue skies forecast not rain, to descend from heavens   Clouds of May, may hide their greys UV rays, may transcend shades Direct gaze, may scorn and graze As nights draw, to fall upon days   Trees grow, until they’re chopped…
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