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My Nority (Spoken Word Video)

A spoken word poem about minorities and their being discriminated against, encouraging a message of the live and let live mentality. Whether it is discrimination against the colour of skin through racism, an ideology, an individuals beliefs or culture, discrimination and prejudice seem prevalent wherever there is a minority. Often being part of the majority…
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I am a Muslim (Spoken Word Video)

The first video that was on my youtube channel. ‘I am a Muslim’ was an attempt to define a mainstream understanding of Islam, and how it differed from the extreme minorities that have the loudest voice.

We've been conned. (Poem)

“God gives air to men, the law sells it to them”(From Les Miserables) Duped, manipulated, stipulated and tricked, Lotteries made through mockeries; mimics and gimmicks, The confidence of a cons science is to numb the conscience, Descendents of cons… condescending the congruence, Contemplate their wrong templates, that of anguish and manic, Flick on conflicts, fuse…
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Trigger words and our illogical reasoning (Blog posts)

We all have a tendency to develop associated feelings with inanimate things and living beings based on our experiences related to them. From topics as simple as a particular foodstuff of which a bad experience can put you off for life, to our thoughts and feelings with regards to people, religions, nations and pretty much…
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