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Glamour (Short Story)

Her stage name personified her reputation – ‘Glamour’. Heralded now by millions, she was idolised by young and old, male and female. An actress that rose to superstar status, now seated in a first class carriage on her way to an awards ceremony, peering outside the glass window as a more ordinary world passed by…
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Like a fish out of water (Poem)

Pots call out to the kettle (,) black froth boiling at the mouth as the rivers kettle of fish all end up hopelessly lost in hot water pans, going to pot.   To a T, we are what? ‘til the end, floating, carrying questions in streams we can’t see, believing our presence with the current,…
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Procrastination – Maybe it isn't such a bad thing…(Blog post)

So here it is. I have finally registered this blog as a ‘dot com’ website. You can tell it’s procrastination season when you have thousands of ideas in your mind that, for some reason, lay dormant when you have nothing better to do. I suddenly found things that, before, didn’t before seem to cross my…
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Living through dreams (Poem)

They say that through dreams… peoples’ souls can reconcile and be connected, And through dreams… moments from the past are re-enacted and resurrected, Thoughts in an abyss complex, considered to have forever gone, Now emerge as yet to be accomplished, through visions thought to never dawn.   In my dreams… I often act in the way…
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