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Complaints (Poem)

A terrible morning, Mourning joy lost, Troubles are mounting, A mountain of costs   Poor customer service, Treated like a servant, Let down; forever waiting, So many expectations.   Lunch almost tasteless, Coffee without a kick, Accumulation of wastage, Whole body is sick.   I shall lodge a many complaint, In spite of ill health,…
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Self check (Poem)

They warned of the dangers of a self-check, To realise how I may dispense hate Or how my labelling of others Can irritate their stay As I cash in the cheque of self, Signed by the soul I tried to bargain with, Playback my Dictaphone of record sales, I can hear my own heart hardening…
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An honourable surrender (Poem)

Attack is the best form of defence, as we are but hordes in a warzone so no use sitting on the fence in this dog eat dog world   Robbers can steal your humanity Murderers may kill your soul Liars can lie in the way of the truths Loan sharks may never leave you alone…
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Active passivists and passive activists (Blog post)

Most of this blog site is dedicated to poetry. One such reason is self-explanatory –  it’s an enjoyment of mine, a subjective writing where the subject matter is often less subject to criticism in its expression: creative writing can perhaps get away with more because it is perceived and can metaphorically pass as more subliminal,…
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Practice what you preach (Poem)

It seems for many of us we are enslaved to engaging in debates reflecting on our helpless case as we negate and abrogate.   Though most the time its hard to say whose are who’s views, glued to news frames that are framed around tricks, and fabricate to induce manic, and panicked states   Yet rather…
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A Longing for B(e)longing (Poem)

Another late night, I find myself staring at a blank page again, Document on a screen, no more reaching for the pad and pen, Things changed from being real… to the illusion of it, From the things that I could feel… to being secluded from it, I need to rid of these compulsions, the feeling…
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Walking contradiction (Poem)

My heart has been colonised, should know better, yet I compromise, Talk about society with borrowed thoughts from an unconscious mind For all that I’ve commented on, seemingly sharing my insight, Epitomises this foolishness; how artificial what I incite.   Try to coat my own ignorance with words from the wise, Shadow staring pensively; it…
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Sunken myths (Poem)

Oblivious in elation inhalation toxic invisible cremation thinking devoid of logic. Burning tendencies endless seas of loss tranquilizing memories laminating with gloss. Sailors’ abundance of rafts and yachts consistent conundrums each but a drop. O Siren of folklore luring into thine trap sure reaching to no shore doth thou lead us to crash? For thou…
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