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Idol Talk (Poem)

I once loved a sports player, Peak attributes and physique, Yet awe turned to critique, As I learned of his cheats. So I lost faith in sport.   I once admired a musician, Her words – harmonious melody, Yet once listening at an audition… Vocals… but a pre-recorded felony. So I lost faith in music.…
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Signed in Sincerity (Spoken word video)

A spoken word poem regarding seeming sincerity and how it is common for us to lie, convince ourselves of intentions to see ourselves as better than we are even when very subtle, whether we actually represent or strive for the causes in which we claim, and for many the hypocritical nature of our actions and…
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Belief (Poem)

With our impulses pulsating, Holding the pulse of Satans hand with an arm on the harmonica of an angels harmony, in the harms and virtues we see and do not see in us, both the lowest of the low and highest of the high. Breathing heavily, like thieves of jeopardy flicked on and off between…
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Preyer (Poem)

First time in decades, they rose to their feet, Realising where their hope lay, conceding defeat, A great feat, how successive pitfalls had led to this moment, Now no more doors to open, the light inside had shown them, Standing in front of their Lord, while time had been so generous, Submitting to His splendour,…
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Seized in slumber (Poem)

No longer can I feign In the pain of this routine; Important matters matter not When the priority is to entertain.   When will we seize the slumber? Guard injustices at our door? When will breezes bleed from thunder? As whims whisper evermore.   Yet smiles to all outsiders, For such expressions are of charity,…
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Destiny (Poem)

Who am I to protest against doors that You closed for me? What better destiny could befall than what You chose for me? Maybe a degree – suffices in my provision, Perhaps poetic passion may expand, Perchance, both fail and I am poverty stricken, Yet there is no better, than what You have planned. I…
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Mistrusting or trust missing? (Poem)

Is it better to miss being trusting, Or to be mistrusting? When you give so much, a genuine touch, And it all amounts to nothing.   Experience makes us close our eyes, Our hearts can make us close our minds, And somewhere hidden deep inside the love so blind… Our pasts and inner feelings lie.…
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The Holy war is within. (Poem)

He pondered in his path, Seeking direction amidst anxiety and despair, Wondering in the dark, Blindly searching piety through his fear, Misguided as a troubled youth, Amidst a glimpse of what he’d seen, He’d hide away from the truth Trying to convince himself of dreams, An option so appealing, To be able to leave the…
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