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On this Two Way Street (Short Story)

It is a peculiar place. In a November afternoon reminiscing of an April of years ago – the crispy breeze amongst a sun bestowing light generously but only teasing samples of its warmth. The leaves that left, the soil that wept but the seasons are one and the same. All in this vicinity that had…
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Five minutes (Short story)

From the balcony, he could see the grey area between life and death. Pedestrians, so small and insignificant from where he stood over and watched, scurrying like ants… but they weren’t like ants…far from it. Ants co-operate, ants protect, ants work tirelessly and can see the goals in their sacrifice. Ants don’t, or at least…
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Mistrusting or trust missing? (Poem)

Is it better to miss being trusting, Or to be mistrusting? When you give so much, a genuine touch, And it all amounts to nothing.   Experience makes us close our eyes, Our hearts can make us close our minds, And somewhere hidden deep inside the love so blind… Our pasts and inner feelings lie.…
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A brother to me (Poem)

NB: This poem has no reference to my biological brother, couldn’t be further from it but in reference to the ones that are friends or peers that claim friendship to be ‘like a brotherhood’. If you claim to be my brother, then be like a brother to me, For artificial blood serves me no benefits,…
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