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On this Two Way Street (Short Story)

It is a peculiar place. In a November afternoon reminiscing of an April of years ago – the crispy breeze amongst a sun bestowing light generously but only teasing samples of its warmth. The leaves that left, the soil that wept but the seasons are one and the same. All in this vicinity that had…
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His story (Short Story)

He looked around, bewildered. A history buff, a cultured fanatic – Ade was no stranger to museums and exhibitions. Caesar, Napoleon, the Pharaohs of old – Ade was witnessing fragments held in glass, yet to be deciphered in his mental mind map. This was not short of an obsession. Tales of the ancients, Ade was…
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What could otherwise be (Poem)

Now monuments, once moments of euphoric majesty, Momentum gained, and we lost much in its speed, Prosperity of progenies, and potential prodigies, Whisked away, from fruitful forests to tumbleweeds.   I have written of regrets and how they mustn’t erode us, Yet my pen testifies to a hypocrite’s mind – plagued. I’d throw the ring…
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Cultivated from seeds. (Poem)

Memories of games played in sands, Joyful liberation of youth defined, Cupping scoops within each hand, Grains flow briskly with time. Potential speaks of a life to come, Possibilities of untrodden paths yet to be, Future currencies evolve from the young, Their eyes encapsulate greater periphery. Dreams illuminated from lit faces, Blown candles carry wishful…
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End of the education era (Blog posts)

That was it. The ceremony itself is a formality, but for me it was more about the fact that many of these people it was likely I wouldn’t see again. After the 5th July, dressed in that gown where everyone seemed upbeat and taking pictures on what was a sunny day (a miracle given how…
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Regrets (Poem)

You started as but a choice, Which led to an untimely decision, Lingering in my thoughts a dormant voice, Spontaneously turned to blinding visions.   For how long will you haunt me? Serve a purpose to taunt me? I try to justify to my mind, yet you exist for it to ignore me, Surely… If…
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