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Complaints (Poem)

A terrible morning, Mourning joy lost, Troubles are mounting, A mountain of costs   Poor customer service, Treated like a servant, Let down; forever waiting, So many expectations.   Lunch almost tasteless, Coffee without a kick, Accumulation of wastage, Whole body is sick.   I shall lodge a many complaint, In spite of ill health,…
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Mindless (Short Story)

The space between the ears is but a scrambled noise. An incoherent muddle, a merger of tinnitus, headaches, confusion and voices of uncertainty. Cognition that was once so geared, focused, ambitious – now plagued by ambiguity and the silent chipping away of familiarity. The mind had become a foreigner to the rest of this organism.…
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When Pay Shuns the way (Short Story)

  She had been in and out of the wards more than most of the staff there, more a part of the block than the hospital bed she lay in. Her medical condition meant hospital had become her home, more so than the property she supposedly lived in. Fatigue was now conquering her fighting spirit,…
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When Breath Becomes Air (Recommended Reads)

When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi My rating: 4 of 5 stars This book is to be fair closer to an upper range – more a 4.5 than a 4. Yet rather than dwell on the star rating (one of the more difficult elements of goodreads) let it not detract from the fact that…
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A taste of our own medicine (Poem)

I have tasted my own medicine, and can make no mistake, That the illness I diagnosed others with was mine in the first place, Such examples are worst case; this aftermath is how hurt tastes, A judgement misplaced, for I dished out what I couldn’t take. I’ve got enough medicine made, let it not go…
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Health: One of our greatest and most overlooked blessings (Blog post)

To set the scene and cut a long story short, I did something stupid and had to go for an X-ray thinking something was broken. The purpose of writing this isn’t to highlight the stupidity of my actions or to reflect on how ridiculous it sounds trying to explain them to healthcare staff (though such…
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