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Complaints (Poem)

A terrible morning, Mourning joy lost, Troubles are mounting, A mountain of costs   Poor customer service, Treated like a servant, Let down; forever waiting, So many expectations.   Lunch almost tasteless, Coffee without a kick, Accumulation of wastage, Whole body is sick.   I shall lodge a many complaint, In spite of ill health,…
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You're wrong (blog post)

Just because

Moths to flames (Poem)

Sight of decorative flames that dance, with rhythmic impulse its invitations draw the pulse in to its warmth of hospitality.   Its promises pleasing, lexicon teasing Like a friend of years, openly cordial Sounds of bubble wrap popping show no signs of stopping, until you draw near   You start to feel numb and cold,…
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Don't tell me that I can't (Poem)

Tell me it’s improbable, Pummel me with statistics of chance, Convince me that my ways are illogical, That these dreams are but a farce, But don’t tell me, that I can’t.   Preach what no ones previously accomplished, Wished, but never carved the stone, Take me as a fool rather than accomplice, And dictate that…
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Nature will never tell (Poem)

Deceptive the sun, that speaks not of winds in its presence Or when bright blue skies forecast not rain, to descend from heavens   Clouds of May, may hide their greys UV rays, may transcend shades Direct gaze, may scorn and graze As nights draw, to fall upon days   Trees grow, until they’re chopped…
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