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Signed in Sincerity (Spoken word video)

A spoken word poem regarding seeming sincerity and how it is common for us to lie, convince ourselves of intentions to see ourselves as better than we are even when very subtle, whether we actually represent or strive for the causes in which we claim, and for many the hypocritical nature of our actions and…
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Glamour (Short Story)

Her stage name personified her reputation – ‘Glamour’. Heralded now by millions, she was idolised by young and old, male and female. An actress that rose to superstar status, now seated in a first class carriage on her way to an awards ceremony, peering outside the glass window as a more ordinary world passed by…
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Never in our name again (Poem)

Lengthy coma, wake to find a stolen identity, Within a name tarnished, was a branding as an enemy, The implausibility, in times where anything is feasible, Turned truth into a weakened tool, farfetched and unreasonable, A message at the heart of religion, never harm children and women, Now under the mask of its name, becomes…
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Walking contradiction (Poem)

My heart has been colonised, should know better, yet I compromise, Talk about society with borrowed thoughts from an unconscious mind For all that I’ve commented on, seemingly sharing my insight, Epitomises this foolishness; how artificial what I incite.   Try to coat my own ignorance with words from the wise, Shadow staring pensively; it…
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