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Until it happens to you (Short Story)

For 33 years, I’d lived a good life. I was part of a loving family as I was growing up. I was a keen traveller from a young age and afforded opportunities to go to various countries around the globe. I had a stable, awe-worthy job as a financial manager, where the company treated us…
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Killer of conscience (Poem)

I don’t want success if its terms and conditions chucks its cesspool at others as conditions of these terms   I don’t want this money If it bloodies my hands by banks that use it to exploit what these hands had earned   I don’t want a big house If that empty space just adds…
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Seized in slumber (Poem)

No longer can I feign In the pain of this routine; Important matters matter not When the priority is to entertain.   When will we seize the slumber? Guard injustices at our door? When will breezes bleed from thunder? As whims whisper evermore.   Yet smiles to all outsiders, For such expressions are of charity,…
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