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Until it happens to you (Short Story)

For 33 years, I’d lived a good life. I was part of a loving family as I was growing up. I was a keen traveller from a young age and afforded opportunities to go to various countries around the globe. I had a stable, awe-worthy job as a financial manager, where the company treated us…
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They said 'You only live once' (Poem)

They said ‘you only live once’, I never stopped to think twice, Caged in bars of confusion, Rolled coins and flipped dice, Never cared to live right, Now my deeds cast before me, Surrounded by futility, What were held as past glories? Embarrassing unpublished pieces, Read aloud from my story, Lessons from the lessor of…
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A taste of our own medicine (Poem)

I have tasted my own medicine, and can make no mistake, That the illness I diagnosed others with was mine in the first place, Such examples are worst case; this aftermath is how hurt tastes, A judgement misplaced, for I dished out what I couldn’t take. I’ve got enough medicine made, let it not go…
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