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The Sorrows of Young Werther (Recommended Reads)

The Sorrows of Young Werther by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe My rating: 5 of 5 stars It’s surprising how many short novels can create such an impact. Apparently written in six weeks by a then 24 year old Goethe (according to Wikipedia at least), it is the descriptive language through which the passions are expressed…
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I am a Muslim (Spoken Word Video)

The first video that was on my youtube channel. ‘I am a Muslim’ was an attempt to define a mainstream understanding of Islam, and how it differed from the extreme minorities that have the loudest voice.

Five minutes (Short story)

From the balcony, he could see the grey area between life and death. Pedestrians, so small and insignificant from where he stood over and watched, scurrying like ants… but they weren’t like ants…far from it. Ants co-operate, ants protect, ants work tirelessly and can see the goals in their sacrifice. Ants don’t, or at least…
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Never in our name again (Poem)

Lengthy coma, wake to find a stolen identity, Within a name tarnished, was a branding as an enemy, The implausibility, in times where anything is feasible, Turned truth into a weakened tool, farfetched and unreasonable, A message at the heart of religion, never harm children and women, Now under the mask of its name, becomes…
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My-oh-genic (Poem)

Once solitude in this treasure chest Yet from all directions now – scathed and torn Be it sleeve or breast, for you to rest.. I contest, where best you are worn. Is it in the fields of ethnicity and predecessors? Or do the lands of your birth hold the throne? Volcanic eruptions burn victim and…
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Preyer (Poem)

First time in decades, they rose to their feet, Realising where their hope lay, conceding defeat, A great feat, how successive pitfalls had led to this moment, Now no more doors to open, the light inside had shown them, Standing in front of their Lord, while time had been so generous, Submitting to His splendour,…
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Under her feet (Poem)

Precious her name, Merger of strength and compassion, Few other souls can claim, Magnanimity of such length, and action.   Shadows over and protects, Everything in sacrifice, Commits and never forgets, Covets over acts of vice.   Nine months; hosted and homed, For a lifetime of ever presence, The greatest mercy humanity shows, Honourable teacher of…
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He smiled and wished them peace (Poem)

Littered with waste and excrements Routine for days as he walked passed Responding only with merciful sentiments as they sneered at him and laughed All he heralded, declared as lunacy to no avail people cruelly would mock him For he spoke to them of unity Discomforting wealthier pockets They slandered him and broke treaties Yet…
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The Holy war is within. (Poem)

He pondered in his path, Seeking direction amidst anxiety and despair, Wondering in the dark, Blindly searching piety through his fear, Misguided as a troubled youth, Amidst a glimpse of what he’d seen, He’d hide away from the truth Trying to convince himself of dreams, An option so appealing, To be able to leave the…
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Hourglass (Poem)

If you knew you had 24 hours left, before it was your time to go Final moments to address, time previously unkept – Then how would you let it show?   24 hours left to reflect on regrets, or bask in the ambience of achievements, Departure of an existence transient in meaning, the final farewells…
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