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His story (Short Story)

He looked around, bewildered. A history buff, a cultured fanatic – Ade was no stranger to museums and exhibitions. Caesar, Napoleon, the Pharaohs of old – Ade was witnessing fragments held in glass, yet to be deciphered in his mental mind map. This was not short of an obsession. Tales of the ancients, Ade was…
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____ is getting ready for school in the morning. It is as any other ordinary day, he’s battling against the clock and his mother stressing as he is running late. His breakfast is waiting for him downstairs. His mother shouts to him to come down, he yells back he can’t find his socks. She goes…
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Five minutes (Short story)

From the balcony, he could see the grey area between life and death. Pedestrians, so small and insignificant from where he stood over and watched, scurrying like ants… but they weren’t like ants…far from it. Ants co-operate, ants protect, ants work tirelessly and can see the goals in their sacrifice. Ants don’t, or at least…
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Life beyond existence (Poem)

I cannot envision such a superfluous existence. Neither can my mission enlist illusionist, tactician, hustler or magician.   Superseding sweetness of simplicity, Battle for true love with sincerity, Honourable honesty with dexterity, Struggling self for serenity.   This world may be our oyster yet these pupils hunt for galaxies, trespassing not in this visit, beseeching…
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