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Inside the coffee cup (Short Stories)

Cold. The fresh liquid sheet had formed tan-coloured flakes. The half-filled mocha had barely been sipped since it was ordered an hour ago. Evidently, something was playing up on the young gentleman’s mind. ‘Is everything okay sir?’ The waitress politely asked with a warm smile, looking into his solemn eyes. Temporarily, he was brought back…
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Glamour (Short Story)

Her stage name personified her reputation – ‘Glamour’. Heralded now by millions, she was idolised by young and old, male and female. An actress that rose to superstar status, now seated in a first class carriage on her way to an awards ceremony, peering outside the glass window as a more ordinary world passed by…
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You are so much more (Poem)

You are so much more… than figures on a payslip than the manifestation of hatred or musings of a stereotypical racist   You are so much more… than the player of cards than her gamble with hearts than his ride down the park   You are so much more… than a position or job title…
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We've been conned. (Poem)

“God gives air to men, the law sells it to them”(From Les Miserables) Duped, manipulated, stipulated and tricked, Lotteries made through mockeries; mimics and gimmicks, The confidence of a cons science is to numb the conscience, Descendents of cons… condescending the congruence, Contemplate their wrong templates, that of anguish and manic, Flick on conflicts, fuse…
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