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Lady in the headscarf (Short Story)

  February 8th This was the first time he saw one like her. A lady with a scarf over her head, covered like an emblematic dress, all too similar to newspaper front pages. Another alien trying to cover her tracks waddling down his street. An oppressor opposed to freedom. Deviant. Why was she here? What…
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Until it happens to you (Short Story)

For 33 years, I’d lived a good life. I was part of a loving family as I was growing up. I was a keen traveller from a young age and afforded opportunities to go to various countries around the globe. I had a stable, awe-worthy job as a financial manager, where the company treated us…
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Justice foretold (Poem)

Intangible cords and chains, decapitating the intellect, Incorporating corpses to brains; a fascinating intercept, How a tool so powerful, can be rendered as senseless, Leaving us as devoured fools, to our offenders – defenceless Shackles on the mind, systems that aim to paralyse, Tackling our designs, false admissions televised, Enticing to deceive, placed limitations on…
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In a sheltered cocoon (Poem)

The fields of crimson roses, professing praise to their creator, Monumental buildings stood proud, for the history they’d been through, The statues grins and poses, amongst the gentle breeze of nature, Yet a profound sound, emerged from a broken cocoon. Oh caterpillar, why do you hold tight to your shell, In the midst of these…
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