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Keep on Running (Spoken word video)

Sooo one of the stupider things I did was delete my Facebook. Well, all in all I don’t regret it – but it was generating more traffic to my blog and youtube channel than any of my other means. I’m not a fan of self-promo but hey ho. I wrote a poem earlier this year…
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Deceptive yesterdays (Poem)

If you run.. only to keep looking over your shoulder you’re more likely to trip. Our present footing is so interloped with our past steps that we forget where we are standing. Though todays realities contain what were only the hopes of yesterdays. It seems the pain injects in ways rapidly into veins of a…
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A treadmill called life (Poem)

They asked you why You’d run for hours on the treadmill You said you still dread falling dead still And so you run to escape the fear They said ‘You can’t run from your corpse’ But you told them “At least I can run from my thoughts” As every day the race to escape From…
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From the eyes of a realist. (Poem)

Pessimism, You’ve left me pondering over your negative tone, Reverberations pounding of a cup always half empty, From a distance, I observed as your heart moulded into stone, Wallowing and grieving, counting every misery as plenty. You tell all around, that no good can be accomplished, In the abyss of those self-pitiful eyes, there is…
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