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Travellers (Short Story)

Do you ever notice how children endeavour to move? They long to conquer their surroundings – their eyes speaking fascination of the world, their open mouths screaming misinterpreted joys of sights they behold. They fall only to learn how bruises can turn to steps. Young ones secretly know a lot that we do not –…
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His story (Short Story)

He looked around, bewildered. A history buff, a cultured fanatic – Ade was no stranger to museums and exhibitions. Caesar, Napoleon, the Pharaohs of old – Ade was witnessing fragments held in glass, yet to be deciphered in his mental mind map. This was not short of an obsession. Tales of the ancients, Ade was…
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Mindless (Short Story)

The space between the ears is but a scrambled noise. An incoherent muddle, a merger of tinnitus, headaches, confusion and voices of uncertainty. Cognition that was once so geared, focused, ambitious – now plagued by ambiguity and the silent chipping away of familiarity. The mind had become a foreigner to the rest of this organism.…
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All and nothing (Poem)

Possibilities beyond quantification, In a paradox of paralysing limitations, Beneath endless skies and horizons, We are but specs among specs.   Yet we are planets amidst planets, Solar systems within our anatomy, Lustful appetites left us famished, Vivid dreamers in a phantom sleep.   How bittersweet this reality, Teaches love and taunts with anguish, Where…
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Life beyond existence (Poem)

I cannot envision such a superfluous existence. Neither can my mission enlist illusionist, tactician, hustler or magician.   Superseding sweetness of simplicity, Battle for true love with sincerity, Honourable honesty with dexterity, Struggling self for serenity.   This world may be our oyster yet these pupils hunt for galaxies, trespassing not in this visit, beseeching…
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Far reaching (Short poem)

If you never achieve that which you initially set forth to, would you scrapheap your ambitions and sell yourself short too?   All goals and all missions should be set so hard to reach that we crave every failure as it draws us closer to succeed.