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My Nority (Spoken Word Video)

A spoken word poem about minorities and their being discriminated against, encouraging a message of the live and let live mentality. Whether it is discrimination against the colour of skin through racism, an ideology, an individuals beliefs or culture, discrimination and prejudice seem prevalent wherever there is a minority. Often being part of the majority…
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Preyer (Poem)

First time in decades, they rose to their feet, Realising where their hope lay, conceding defeat, A great feat, how successive pitfalls had led to this moment, Now no more doors to open, the light inside had shown them, Standing in front of their Lord, while time had been so generous, Submitting to His splendour,…
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The forsaken family (Poem)

Insubstantial my state, in this desolate land, I come to you, O strangers; my hope at your hands, Has anybody seen where reside my siblings? We were of one, now all have gone missing. Our family was large; our hearts’ were united, We grew to depart, and so too frictions ignited, I seek for my…
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